Autumn Days

So the year continues, the new year resolutions in the thrash heap, the children of Aleppo still waiting, the war planes still flying over it. The Mexican border has never been so popular, Donald Trump can’t stop talking about it, he’s made it so popular, it’s becoming a world heritage site. The children of the world, still getting stressed i suppose, those images they are exposed to, why they are no one seems to know, all the talk of child welfare, just another lobbyists spin for the world, hoping to appease the few who actually care, the likes of Solomon I suppose.

It was early September, Solomon was thinking, not thinking but he knew, he’d the proof of what many had been waiting for, the existence of divine intervention, and what it really meant, the end of the rainbow for those seeking the good. Just one day he sighed, that was all we were asked to do, set aside one day in seven in order to preserve the rest. Those who are wise will get the meaning he sighed, those just interested in the material, well that can’t think of anything else. amen.


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