Salome’s Last Dance

John the Baptist, the fiery prophet, languished, a thorn in the side, a woman with a very dark side, the king, his word his bond, enthralled at the young woman’s beauty, you can have anything dear child, anything, the opportunity of a lifetime, well he desires you darling he’ll do anything, and like the hero’s of old, he is besotted by that charming woman, he is following in the list of many fallen hero’s, but he is no hero just a fool, trapped by the image of youth, all mine all mine, she answers with a sly grin, the head of the fiery prophet on a silver plate please. what!, the king has given his word, he can’t retreat it’s part of his conceit, i’m a king.

Solomon was reminding himself, how the hero’s of old had fallen, sold out by the demon underneath the cunning smile, well i have him now she smiles, that will be the end of him, so much for his God Most High, it only took an erotic dance to trap the old fool. How many great lives were thwarted under such circumstances, fooled by the tease and the promise of more to come. Solomon had seen the scene play out in many lives, and in a nutshell, he had the wisdom to know the difference, between true love and the fooled, amen.

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