The Gold Medals

Solomon was wondering who was going to win the gold medals, not the Olympic one’s, the type that are won by those who prospered because of the darkness they sowed all their lives and the horrors they allowed to create. How many deals can we cut from a kilo John asks Steve, as he is about to mix the powder. if they use the needle you can double it again. It was in jest he thought the idea up, but it was apt to think in these terms when so much was changing and the tyrants were like flailing cloth tossed about in a gale force wind. How many were seduced by their calm when they controlled it all, they were not so loud anymore, as they tried to hide their ill ways among the good souls, fooling many in the process. Those that allowed the children of the world to lose faith in all that is good were near the top of his list of winners, but there were so many in contention there was going to be a dead heat, so many deserving of the honor.

The child who lost faith while waiting for the vital service while 25 trillion rested off shore, who were the men and women controlling this pile, they would have been wiser to have thought before they conspired to avoid their duties, wasn’t wealth enough for them, before they destroyed the lives of many who fought against their schemes. The contestants for the gold medal, the fools gold contenders were from all areas of life, did they really expect to outshine the power of God Most High, really.

The boy is dispirited, his schooling is difficult, he can’t concentrate, the images on his computer or phone too adult for his understanding. Solomon sighed, a little foresight would have gone an awful long way, had those, the zealots seen the picture, rather, they switched it for their own gain and personal pride. You have got a promotion Seamus for that great work you done, thanks Boss, amen. How many were so easily flattered. Old tyrant is in despair, on his dying bed he see’s a vision of Heaven, then an angel appears, you could have got in there, sorry!

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