The Great Debate

So it’s begun, the olympics has started, the election begins in earnest, who is going to win,

Hillary Donald,

or usain bolt, who is it going to toast, were faster at the running, your starting with an unfair advantage, the pack gathers up, the contestants are together, they are in the final stretch, who will it name, the winners plaque. It was a strange world sighed solomon, winning or losing, the rest did not seem to matter, the debate one of what the result would be, not if it was good ot better. the election was much the same, the arguments and the debates, who was going to argue loudest.

In the world of the vulnerable, rarely are they heard, they rely on the carers to make the argument, as if the rest of the world was on ither. There was much debate about syria, the international war a war of words, while the vulnerable huddled in the rubble wondering when it would all end, the great debate sooner rather than later, amen. They hoped a day longer. The power of thought and words, mixed with faith, heard by God, revealed in great signs, should be enough to make them do something rather than debabte he sighed, amen.

At the end of the day, it was a simple matter of wisdom, and as always, the wisdom of jesus won out, again. Nothing works like forgiveness, everything else is elemtary dear! apply it to any conflict, and the answer is very clear, amen.


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