History Of Faith

It was interesting reading, the ancient civilisations, the great monuments, how they were aligned to the heavens, the bottom line, they were aware of God and the Heavens. many thousands of years later, they were still trying to figure it out, how the so called uncivilised were so inspired, then there were stories, of men who came from far off places, and convinced them to adopt peaceful lives, it would last awhile, then the ego’s would take command, years later, the prophets, the writings monumental, read today even if written 2,000, 3,000 years earlier, the history of the human race, and how our thoughts make so much possible, and how belief in God Most High, makes the miraculous seem normal. 

Faith had travelled a long way from ancient times, and while it acquired many forms, it was all aimed at the single belief, there is God, amen. Solomon had the proof few would have thought possible, but then there was a time when love was plentiful, and being kind and thoughtful

was the norm, let those times be again he prayed.

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