Babbling Fools

Solomon smiled, a prayer was said and answered, and that was all it took, if you want to defeat the evil influence, just ask the one above, so in wisdom he asked, in love he desired, something that was better for everyone good, then waited, was a little patient and smiled, as the front line soldiers of deception kept falling into traps of their own making, turn them into babbling fools and let the world see them for what they are, the deceivers, the network behind them, and those planning in secret so many evil deeds.

David faced Goliath, a battle that could not be won, stepped out onto the field, a little frightened like everyone. He heard the voice of God, don’t be afraid, once i am with you son you just can’t lose. The rest is history, and recent events around the world have the outsiders outdoing the better equipped everywhere. Next, along comes Jesus, to put it in context, there is far more to you all than you ever imagined, did the miracle thingee and inspired the early believers, how does he do this they wondered, with Faith in the Father, how easy was that to understand.

Seek wisdom if you want to understand the ways of God, otherwise you might end up a babbling fool, amen.


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