A Simple Prayer

Imagine, one day, the world agreed, there was need for prayer, one they all could agree on, that there was a God Most High after all, (check the picture), and on the very day they decided to pitch in with God Most High, miracles and blessings flowed, so, the same call was made from the cortners of the earth, the tongues might be different, but the sentiment was one and the same. Solomom imagined the brief room, the day the Spirit of God was invited to live among them. The blind can see, the lepers become free of disease, the dead arise, the cripple walks, the dumb talk, and the demons flee. He didn’t imagine the last part, that all occured, just imagine it, it was going to happen again, amen, and all it needed was a simple prayer, amen.

Solomon recalled the power of the great prophets, they just had to pray it, it was the gift of the Holy Spirit, pure faith. In parts of the world, there was the threat of famine. There was need for rain there. There was no point in wishing the problems away, souls had to be conscious of the stark reality, the world was shrinking slowly, it was time to wake up!, love needed to renew itself, the Holy Spirit was flowing, blessings from Heaven were evident, miracles and warnings, the orion belt was complete, it was never a better time to unite, and a simple prayer was one way to achieve the goal.

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