The Anger

You can hear the snares of the demon, what are you waiting for, Solomon was listening too, and could hear the words of ancient scripture played out in ordinary lives, where a hate filled void was wreaking as much harm as it could, in order to destabilize the well being of Believers everywhere, when they become like us we’ll win they thought, when they believe in God, they will all win, problem was love was the language of God Most High, the well being of Great Spirit. it was a troubling time in the minds of many, but as was spoken all those years ago, why worry, The heavenly father was with them all, all the believers

. he read about the old priest who martyred himself, on the anniversary of Saint James. James was and is a brother of Jesus, and while the world was in turmoil because of the misinterpretation of wisdom if only they followed the wisest of them all, how easy it would all be for everyone living. The demon was always going to create disharmony, that was his way, but that would not affect the real faith of many. To forgive was to love, how simple was that, sighed Solomon, amen. It was only a blip what was going on, the forces of good were assembling, and building bridges, while those who were of evil sowed anger instead, wonderful!, Solomon encountered the Holy Spirit, and it was three years to the day almost since the cloud appeared, the one he sought as a sign, how things had moved on since. there was a real growth in the strength of the believers, and it was happening in many places, much to the chagrin of the evil doers, who would never succeed, amen.

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