Sensitive Mind

The stubborn child wont eat, wont stop till it gets what it needs, knows the difference, can only express it in behavior, the words not yet fully formed. Solomon was watching the actions of a dear friend, and witnessed the inner turmoil, and how hard it was for those hurt early to recover the lost ground. Trust in love was like that in the modern age, once lost hard to recover, as everyone was born with a very sensitive heart, well, it was the void that had to be filled. Too often the heart was being bypassed by the collective thoughts of many, it wasn’t a chosen cynicism, but a practical guide to surviving in a chaotic world. He then recalled the words of old, ask in the Holy Name, and saw how that had been thrashed by those charged with promoting the efforts of the soul, little wonder the sensitive soul retreated. Then, as if by magic, the sun appeared, glinted through the clouds, God Most High was always there, when the soul was allowed rest and time. amen. The demon on the other hand, found delight in every atrocity, as many tried to blame the Great One, amen. Say the prayer today, just ask, it was that simple. Three years earlier, almost to the day, he was lying in the sun in a golden field, alone with mother nature and the blazing sun, when a cloud passed over, it was the answer to his prayer. The value of a sensitive mind, priceless, amen. Being like children demanded we be sensitive. AS if affirmation was needed, the preacher that morning said as much, so much for the prayers that go unanswered, perhaps we were not listening he sighed.

The lady who was crouched over was walking tall, the woman who had difficult seeing, was getting better, the harrowed believer smiled, the old prophet was getting younger, and the world was looking kinder, all because of the sensitive minds, amen.

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