The child in his fathers arms, the rush from harm, the baby with the mother, the smile and surprise of joy, it all happened in a heart beat, going from moment to moment, Solomon observed the all knowing omnipotence of God Most High, protect the children they are the future. They carry the new love, the new souls.

He was on his way to a small appointment, it was a path of trust, he hear of others before selling worries and mistrust, he sighed, trust is trust, and faith is faith, and with real faith, everything was possible. We may be small, but we are huge in the heart of God Most High, amen. Little hearts were not cynicism for the making, they were opportunities to sow faith and trust, the demons on the other hand, did all they could do, to destroy that trust, Solomon had a prayer written, with the schemes of the demon in mind, were they in trouble, amen, as God Most High sent him the Holy Spirit, the real one, amen.

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