slow learner falling behind teacher enquires it’s been going on awhile, the radiant smile has become a frown with it the anger peaks, the kid gets in trouble and can’t explain, it’s a problem for society it’s a world gone mad.

Solomon was reading the news, attempted coup, bombing horror, news that would drown the soul, a calm heart was called for in all these places, the media on the other hand were winding up the process, who was to blame.

Having trouble, stop, think, look, have a quite moment, say a simple prayer, and if you’re

in the zone it will come to you, and the trouble will be trouble no more.

The extremists were hoping for the worst reaction possible, the worse the better for the cause of hatred and division. The demon was in his last days along with his friends, the attempt to destroy the liaison between faith and men, the opportunity to thwart communication his plan.


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