She does not wear the clothes, her fashion is outdated, the others know from her demeanour she is really not wanted, they avoid her as if she has a disease, poverty, who wants to get near it. Her accent is rural, she speaks with a lisp, her words are hard to make out, she is confident but can never relax, the look and the stares, her old clothes, her esteem, she is not angry, it’s been her way of life, and she has no friends worthwhile, because she is unwanted.

Solomon was reading the ancient words, the progress made over 2,00o years, pray for the souls of those who are gone, you can help them it said, help them find peace. The words of the prophets always interested him, but lately he had seen so many new revelation, the witness’s to God were coming forward, more wanted now than in the past, the old regime no longer able to control the output from them, amen.

if you have a voice, use it wisely he sighed, so much anger was sown so easily by a few demonic voices, so their evil spread, wars were started, hatred was glorified, the victors gloating over their victims, was it not a reminder, that something was desperately wrong.

Don’t worship Idols, worship God Most High instead, or you will become, unwanted as well.


Those who stand in the way of the money changers, are also unwanted.


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