Imitation of Life

What is your example today, what did you pass on, life was full of imitation, it was how the majority lived and learned. He heard the rant of the politicians, what were they saying, anything to get the attention, imitation of life, did they realise children were listening, Solomon was in the company of a little one, and heard the sweet voice trickle the words of a song, a sound that sounded like the sweet chirp of a song bird, imitation, it was the message of eternal life he said, depending on who you imitated.

if they had encountered the Holy Spirit, he had, they would have known instantly the value of imitation. he had been lifted from death, and understood that life was a gift in itself, as every life was, chosen. If only they taught it so simply he sighed, rather than the boring chants that only bespoke their view of life, rather than the meaning of imitation as taught by Jesus, amen. Once you encounter the Holy Spirit, you know the meaning of imitation, the real meaning that is, amen.


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