The Voice

There was something missing, it was there but it wasn’t, between the words, the pause. Solomon had his fill of the so called knowing voices, the regulators and the cabbage patch cure all. listening, harder than people imagined, often what was not said, had more meaning that what was actually said. Wisdom was often hidden, the way you have to search for God, requires a willingness to delve, seek and you will find. A voice was similar, you had to listen to the tone and the inclination. He listened to the small voices, there was a missing tone, nothing is ever what it seems. Loving was listening, giving attention to the small details, particularly when it came to those who were afraid to say openly what was on their mind. He heard the pause, knew what it meant, so he prayed, let us listen to the voice, let us not turn our ear away, amen. leaving it to others was not the cure, was usually the excuse. amen.

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