Princes of Chaos


The old network was going down, and the old faces were still scheming, brexit, the latest casualty, a last ditch effort to halt the change. Solomon saw the depth of their treachery, as they deliberately caused confusion and chaos, the schemers, trying to drive a pole between a uniting force, they would not succeed, but they would try regardless. The ordinary man and woman was at the mercy of these so called leaders, and without the time, the ordinary were forced to accept the barrage of misinformation. He saw the news and the glib smile on the treasonous one, just one of many. Believers in the Heavenly Father, sought peace and harmony, demons sought to divide and conquer. Pray he thought with a full heart, as he tried to push the message, to the other believers, you can’t let the evil one’s win. Solomon was confident, their plans would fall in their face, amen. Did they not understand the power of the prophets, and words, solomon did, as did the early believers and the first followers of Jesus. You can do it too he smiled!


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