Promises Promises

She heard it all, was going to hand over the wages, all of it, she heard it so often, and always believed, what was the choice, she loved him, till her spirit ran dry and she ran out on love. Solomon was recalling the pressure applied, the promises made, the unfailing words, that never showed a harvest, and how love the world over, was beaten back, by those promises. The world was going through a love revival, and it was showing, even the unbelievers were beginning to notice. he said his prayer, remind them he says, of their promises.

The child loves his father, waits at the door for him to return home, waits even if he hasn’t shown for weeks days even years, promises, the vulnerable believe, the pragmatic achieve, despite the lack of them. The burden of expectation becomes a mountain, the emotions become a trauma, isn’t it time to remind them he thought, of all the promises they made. Faith was on the move, but there were demons and control heads, for ever trying to take advantage of, those promises. Solomon was sure that The God of Heaven, was listening to each and everyone, and the children that cried in their sleep, on account of all those, promises, amen.

he’s only a child, he’ll get over it, all those broken promises.


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