The Spirit Raiser

The dread, the anxiety, his spirit slips, the head looks overhead, is that it he asked, as he grabbed the train, wondering if he’d find refuge again, his heart dis-paring, his worry lines growing, his health failing. God sighed, when your at your weakest i’m always stronger. The car brakes down, the bank calls in the mortgage, her sister tells her to divorce him, you can do better she says, the pressure is mounting, even her close friends disagree with her, how could you put up with it, he’s useless, look at him. But it was his spirit she fell in love with, and the love endured, while the marriage died.

Years later, she is in a busted marriage, can’t stand the sight of her so called great man, the new partner that rang the bells of the friends, well, he bought them all off, but his spirit, it was purely artificial. When the going was tough, she ran, forgot the one condition all great love is based upon, endurance.

Solomon was smiling. A friend asked him to be in a certain place, there was a reason. he saw the spirited man, he was lacking a few things, and was in search of help, he was a believer. as he wheeled his chair away he was smili

ng, and everyone in the crowd noticed, spirit raising, wasn’t that what He said, all those years ago, amen.

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