circle of life flows,

the river of wisdom grows,

we add as we go along,

the stuff we have learned,

the stuff that we pass on,

it’s in your DNA and rearing,

passing on the spirit within,

the building blocks the refuge,

not the habits you have fallen on,

it starts today.

solomon was recalling a circular cloud he’d encountered, and the other gifts from heaven. he was preparing for the great battle, and was gathering his troops, the list of deeds done and his Faith in God, it will never let you down. Remember david and goliath, it was a story he often recalled, and the outcome then was the same today, when you believed. Y

our Faith saved you said Jesus, what was that they wondered, the relatives and friends of the man that was healed, what medication was he on, he must have been faking it, the list of excuses used to deny Faith. Well, if they keep reminding you that you can’t, well, what will you believe in the end.

Your Faith saved you, the good samaritan delivered the Love needed, not a programme, amen.


3 thoughts on “Today

      • Yes all is as it should be my friend, even though we often do not ‘See’ it.. We are shedding skins and there is still lots of irritations yet to be got rid of, But I have ‘Faith’ all is as it should be.. ❤ Enjoy the moments of NOW my friend.. for it is the only place to Live.. 🙂

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