The First Words


The little boy, he’s a soul, human, just about ten months old, struggling to get the words out, has a mom, but no dad, he’s programmed the way all living creatures are to utter the sounds that encourage nurture, he has trouble saying dada, he has never encountered one, has never been held by him, and perhaps never will. The stuff we worry about to sound interesting.

Solomon was in the cafe, the weather was dreamy, the breeze ambient, warm and sweaty, (how could you forget that one!), anyway, great looking dame is sitting having the coffee, she has the lady gaga glasses she puts on as the waiter prepares to take a picture, facebook share for friends, she is cute, Solomon is no prude, others pretend, anyway, he utters a simple comment, a humorous word or two, her pal is over weight and not glammed up,  she doesn’t want you in the photograph he says, a gentle irony, not a criticism.

they pass a comment not having heard the comment in full, a compliment of sorts. Anyway, not that it matters in the long run, but how often are we put off when someone says something derogatory about another, maybe a truth, she has issues, he’s on head medication, he’s ill, she’s permanently this way, how often, we hear the mutterings of other misinformed souls, then rush off opinions of others, did you see the way they treat women, rumor, innuendo, mistrusts, spin, it was this way for Jesus in the beginning, so much so they wanted to murder him for challenging the system, which he did, and here today 2,000 odd years later, we still remember his first words, Faith, and it’s still alive today. amen



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