Tools of The Trade…

everybody had the need for a carpenter, so a carpenter he was, there was furniture in every house, a memory in every job, where did he learn that, the job was good, he got called back, referral after referral as his work continued, so the father taught the son who taught his son, and the wisdom kept passing down, same way the Spirit and wisdom is passed on, from generation to generation, in the modern world where communications have changed, it’s no longer door to door, it’s online it’s virtual its new media, the new tools of the trade, amen.

Solomon was chatting with a friend, who was in serious medical need, an old timer, he was not used to the new fangled stuff, gave out about the technology, and shied away from it altogether. in the conversation they had he asked,

“when did you go for the test”

“yesterday” he replied

“fast diagnosis” i said,

They sent it over the web and it came back in hours, a journey that would have taken weeks even months under the old system. the expert read it in London and sent it thousands of miles back.

“what do you think of the technology now!”

In the beginning, men went out to preach the good word, and it was probably unfair to leave a woman waiting, they might never return, it was a difficult time in the early times of Jesus, but the lesson wasn’t learned….by the religious leaders, as time passed on..

women and men together were always better at it, and that’s called, example, amen.

according to Solomon, the spirit was passed on, from generation to generation!


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