Demon Crisis

it can’t be happening yells the wealthy control freak, his team has been ditched out of the league, the match was supposedly fixed, well the same game was for the last ten years, it was the guarantee, you’ll never lose smiled the demon, when he welcomed him into the network, not happening, it can’t, he’s after gambling his fortune with a Chinese dot com billionaire, and is now facing bankruptcy, there are others in the circle, they all face the same crisis, The God of Heaven and Earth is fully aware of their devious plans and schemes and is answering the prayers, amen.

Fix things!, they used to own everyone, they had judges appointed, funded politicians who they owned, had their friends appointed into positions of influence, everywhere.

Solomon smiled, He’d encountered many affirmations in a few short days, divine intervention he sighed, as he wiped the coffee from the sides of his mouth, who will I pray for next he sighed, the children of the Philippines, sadly, the vulnerable are targets everywhere, amen.

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