Ted Donald and Co.

i’m the best choice, no, i am, ban Mexicans, did that already,

banned the Irish, never got away with that, any ideas,

my backers are getting anxious, can we say anything about,

the African american, made slaves of that, come on, something

new, everyone loves new, Donald

is having a shave, the mullet needs

dressing, what will i say today, Muslims of course, why not ban

them, the race begins, the pundits measure reactions, let’s alter

the message, what are they arguing for, in the morning it’s forgotten,

one strange world, one angry God, amen.

Profile California


early sixties, it’s opening, boeing the world leader, tech industry too, the need for workers, and their home comforts too, enter the mexican maid, followed by the gardener, the babysitter, and a whole throng of hard working individuals, who all assisted in the growth of these industries, someone delivered the milk, others cleaned the house, while the executives got on with it, glad to have someone at home, it was lonely being a wife. move the clock, it’s early 2,000, the policies begin to fail, can’t automate everything, even enron failed, the jobs move overseas, china and the east, they work for peanuts overthere, yeah but it’s work.

the presidential candidates come along, some cauliflowers among them, did you hear about the one who torn down the secure barriers, meant to protect people, not the mexican border, but the regulatory border, the fail safe mechanism when it all went mad, derivatives took over i suppose, they gambled the entire state pension it seems, what the heck?.

now it’s election 2016, donald wants the job, he’s a busy man, i’ll build a wall he says, does he understand what he’s saying, islam was a threat the month before, nice to blow off when you can protect yourself, so the election call gets louder. maria and pedro, two dreamers, they left tijuana in the sixties, now their grand children are second class, well if you cross the border, we might not let you back….profile california, it’s ….whatever you remember

The Mexican Wall

they gather around

it’s a press release,

ted hillary bernie,

everyone in the press,

big donald is making

an address

his latest development,

the mexican wall…


pedro not impressed,

neither is rosa too,

they cleaned your pools,

tended to your gardens,

fed your children,

sat them many evenings,

now donald is saying,

their to blame everyone…


i didn’t say that,

the donald is getting hot,

someone twisted my words,

everyone does that…

islamic patriot,

serveed in both wars,

is proud of american flag,

does it sound familiar,

the audience rears up,

he’s a muslum imagine that,

they chase him out,

don’t need those types,

our donald shouts and shouts…

well donald what did you say,

it’s illegal to have an opinion,

hillary is licking her lips,

shooting donald down,

as easy as robbing a truck…

it’s a long way to mexico…

rosa don’t forget the children,





What Do You Need?

good advise every day your living


Give From Lack

Sound counterintuitive?

Consider this: Fruit is always large than the seed.

When the widow fed Elijah from her last bit of food, she was blessed to overflowing.

Do you need money? Go make an intentional, anonymous gift to a person in need. I didn’t say give them your all. Like the widow SHARE what you have.

Need knowledge? Give some.

Want love? Show some.

If you think you have NOTHING to give, the thing you need most is a friend. Because true friends value you more than you know. And they will always remind you of the immeasurable joy the sound of your voice and your smile bring to their world.

Share what you have. Give someone else joy and see how exponential your reward will be.

If you think I always feel like writing encouraging words or helping others, you must not know about me. There are days when…

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major tom, can you see what i can, what is going on down there, Bowie passes his time above. commenting with the others, who have made their mark, taken the chances, moved the heart, it was never black and white as some try to suggest, there is an outside energy, and that is God i guess, amen.

the lucky soul who will inherit his talents…that kid can sing!

love your neighbors while your alive!