The Visitor


came from a far off land,

starting a life give a hand,

greetings and handshakes,

elderly raises the issue,

do we know this man,

wisdom assumes wisely,

it takes time to understand,

time to get to know,

the visitor


elderly still anxious,

everyone divulges history,

gets to trust the visitor,

not sure but hopeful,

has learned from the past,

the nineteen sixteen rising,

when brothers murdered brothers,

they no visitors but kin!


the loss of trust begins,

the blame games begin,

the cynicism locally spreads,

on account of the visitor,

and the great harm done,

became radicalized easily,

because of the fear spread,

about the visitor!


prophesies are self explained,



the immigrant is isolated,

the religious persecuted,

emotionally pushed aside,

joins the community,

not the one he planned,


there was no welcome,

for the visitor.




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