The Mexican Wall

they gather around

it’s a press release,

ted hillary bernie,

everyone in the press,

big donald is making

an address

his latest development,

the mexican wall…


pedro not impressed,

neither is rosa too,

they cleaned your pools,

tended to your gardens,

fed your children,

sat them many evenings,

now donald is saying,

their to blame everyone…


i didn’t say that,

the donald is getting hot,

someone twisted my words,

everyone does that…

islamic patriot,

serveed in both wars,

is proud of american flag,

does it sound familiar,

the audience rears up,

he’s a muslum imagine that,

they chase him out,

don’t need those types,

our donald shouts and shouts…

well donald what did you say,

it’s illegal to have an opinion,

hillary is licking her lips,

shooting donald down,

as easy as robbing a truck…

it’s a long way to mexico…

rosa don’t forget the children,






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