Baby’s first smile~by rldubour

baby’s first smile


Baby’s first smile

There are so many things in life that are so much worthwhile.

But, nothing can compare to a baby’s first smile.

This little helpless bundle you hold in your arms so tight.

As they look into your eyes and smile, what a beautiful sight!

Their purity and innocence is way beyond compare.

They depend on you for everything and all your loving care.

They look around and wonder at everything they see.

As they rest against your chest not wanting to be free.

This miracle of life is our most precious gift.

Their simple little smile gives us that extra lift.

As you look upon this life you hold dearly in your arms.

You hug this baby ever tight and protect it from all harm.

If only every one could see that lives upon this earth

And appreciate a baby’s smile and what life is really worth.

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