The Subject of Violence

Where did it come from,

How did the emotion rise,

The lucky bag of experience,

But where did it come from,tumblr_mgfyl3XHm21r6j62uo1_500

Do they really understand ,

You haven’t been there,

How do you know she asks,

The subject of all violence,

The fear the trust the break,

It’s not about sexual heat,

It’s the treatment of fear,

Using it as a controlling act,

See how many are calmed,

Just shudder when thinking,

The attitude of some teachings,

The control of so many people,

The death of so much love,

Simply use some violence,

Mix with hard held emotion,

The paralysis that results,


Solomon was reminiscing, not that he was a victim, but the hard held fear of many, the use of it, by many so called Godly people, violence, and how it became so normalized, the societies that uses violence legally, what message were they sending out, it had to be said. Jesus spoke forgiveness, and was the only one who did, the necessity for it, so why have so many ignored it then, amen.

All of them, all the religions, one time or another, put men above women, and created a monster, amen.


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