ancient wisdom, God Parents, and falling down seems to go hand in hand….

She has plenty but feels empty, the dreams she had left her wasted, can’t escape can’t find love to give, where’s the keys what went wrong, thought she had everything, now it’s attention, she craves anything to forget, one night stand, she’s a bucket waiting to fill, friends easy to find, when you throw it around, the plight of many, the fight they lost themselves, gave in to the pressures,  lost the dream that used to fulfill,  across the world they followed the light, the need to be renewed again, it’s the feeling of eternity, the message of the soul born again, put in writing, over 2,000 years ago, why does it take a great loss before you realize it.

Solomon was perusing the heart and what many felt inside, he wasn’t sharpening the axe or pointing it, just putting words on what many were afraid to state, and how they became unwell on account of it. the demon had his ticket booked for him, one-way, amen..

Young boy young girl face full of wonder, the world belongs to them they ponder, til they find out they are not good enough, their spirit dented, their love damaged unfairly, your type not welcome over here they say, same sentiment applied to many great souls, it’s business nothing personal you have to understand, same feeling many young starlets faced, if you don’t well you better go elsewhere, dreams are easily thrashed and smashed nothing personal, the picture from the sky nothing personal, gives strength to a certain promise centuries old, thank you God for all the great assistance, sincerely appreciated and never forgotten, amen. if your going to climb the mountain, it’s wisdom to use the wisdom provided before and AGAIN, AND AGAIN, particularly after you fall.

God Parents, those who stand before the altar and make those promises, i hope you realizeIMG_5755 to whom you made your oath….


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