Struggling …Exercise Your Spirit

When it becomes a daily struggle, it’s the spirit calling, needs to get exercise, a workout. If it’s yourself you love only, where in all reality will it get you, spiritually, work it out. If it’s eternity you want to encounter, there must be a strong preparation, work it out. If your willing to close your eyes, while the need is right before your eyes, what will it do to your spirit, ask, Does the charity quell your angst, does it remove your instinct a little further, why?.

Did God force anyone to Love, never, did he pour out an abundant earth, did he ask for it to be polluted, did he give out talents for his sake, or was it for the benefit of us all, did the butterfly transform purely accidentally, did the tip of a pin contain your life history, didn’t the prophets warn us all, didn’t Jesus give everyone hope, even to the worst among us, saint Paul, who would have imagined it, amen.

If you don’t have trials, how will you know yourself, if you struggle with life, it’s just another workout for the Spirit, endure and be patient, same way a plant has to learn, somethings in life can’t be forced.

Solomon encountered a friend, who was having it hard ,his heart drooping, his spirit low, then remembered the scriptures of Old, the believers never had it easy, but were never alone when they remained in Spirit…How you get over problems and deal with them, that’s who you are…



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