A Simple Prayer

Acting as Gods, talents are to be shared, times need changing dear Father, many in difficulty, hearts cry out, from the borders of Mexico, across the entire human plight, the pleadings of your son, the Holy Spirit visits, TRUST IN GOD MOST HIGH, He Said, Free the love.

it’s time, why wait a day longer, if they sold out their sisters and brothers, why let their pain go on, suffered too much, abused so long, demon needs to be undone, his legions of followers with him, in the Name of Jesus, I make my prayer, love is getting strong, with your divine assistance..

we can change everything, they have tried to hide from view, they can’t hide from you, let the love escape, it’s time for decisive action, make the change, let no one doubt, the great change has come. Solomon was putting words on the hopes of many, many who had no voice at all.

So many weary, so many having given up, despondent, Solomon had the ear that mattered, knew  it could be done, knew exactly what to ask for, humility, and a summer to look forward to, and he was not going to let it pass, even if there were those who were afraid to act…

The persuasive thoughts of mind readers, this is not the time wait a little more, reminds one of the hungry refugee, waiting for the comfortable to agree, it was time to end their control, to remain stubborn was the fate of the Egyptians, the crossroads had been reached, decision time..


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