Renewed Vision for Lesotho’s Forgotten Caregivers

a little help goes a long long way,

Girls' Globe

By Stephanie Vizi, Help Lesotho Intern

Forty-one grandparents have restored vision thanks to free cataract surgery in Lesotho.

With over 300,000 children left orphaned by AIDS in Lesotho, grandmothers have filled the role of parents and guardians and are essential to the survival of the tiny mountain kingdom’s next generation of young people. Help Lesotho’s Grandmother Support Program provides relief and support to grandmothers and their partners to build hope and resilience while strengthening their families and improving the lives of the vulnerable children and orphans in their care.

Beneficiaries from Help Lesotho’s Grandmother Support Program traveled to Maluti Adventist Hospital in Mapoteng, Lesotho from rural villages to receive pro bono cataract surgery funded by individual Canadian donors and HelpAge International.

From Cataract to Crystal Clear

At Maluti Adventist hospital, surgery begins with a prayer under the care of Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, a medical missionary from Texas, U.S.A…

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