If the wisdom goes unsupported, the wisdom giver goes, story of the early apostles, story repeated day after day, those standing up targeted, story of the whistle blower, Edward snowden and others, the release of the truth, the numerous cover ups, the individuals who spoke up, the story of Jesus, it’s the parable of old, the town that ignored the prophet, time is slipping away, and the spirit is calling out, no more excuses please, clear support or it’s over, people need to stand up, the signs were everywhere, the spate of miraculous recoveries, the numbers the numbers, reform reform reform, the numerous opportunities to support, the people of Nepal, God Most High was sending helpers, hoping the believers would understand, faith, it wasn’t what they said, it was what they did what counted, amen.

credit is simply a case of pressing a button, The will of God is the act of Love, amen.IMG_5757


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