It Takes A Village

hunger, it’s not a word, neither is concern

Girls' Globe

All of our heartstrings feel a tug when we find ourselves staring into the face of poverty. We see a malnourished child’s face on a brochure from a far away place, hear news stories of migrants fleeing war, and those who have survived natural disasters.

I think we all want to help. More often than not, we go on with our lives and forget the stories which briefly captured our attention. I suppose it’s natural to look away from that kind of pain and uncertainty, but sadly, even our world leaders can not agree about how to reduce poverty and tackle other issues.

1.2 billion people currently live in extreme poverty, living on or under $1.25 a day.

When her son, a search and rescue pilot, died in 1986 at the age of 24, Albina du Boisrouvray made a decision to continue his legacy by helping the world’s poor. Albina developed FXB

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