You are not alone,

not without help,

do not fear,

wherever you are,

whoever you are,

under pressure,

does not matter,

just believe,

the picture,

on his blog,

is real,

not a photo shop,

the real deal,

God Most High,

is with us,

His Spirit,

is inside you,

let if flow,

those that fear,

stop a moment,

just imagine it,

God Most High,

no myth,

just trust in Him,

Solomon was putting it down straight, there were too many events, too many. Many lived in fear, under the control of others, under threat, it was just a case of believing, the helpers were all around. The divine presence meant one thing, change was happening. In the hearts of the believers, it was time to get on your knees, Solomon witnessed it so often. You just needed the heart to fill with love, it meant forgiving in real terms, replacing doubt with certainty, was it that hard he sighed. Ask in the name of Jesus, ask in the name of the prophets, just humble yourself, park the ego, you will be happily surprised. amenIMG_5757


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