Solomon’s Book of Wisdom

IMG_575770 years ago,  world at war, the civilized folk of today, neat suits polite reverent, as they were then and today, something got into minds, peacemaking folk sidelined, much the same this day, agitators provoke those in conflicts, sweeping aside peaceful argument, Solomon was reminded of the teachings of Jesus, turn the other cheek don’t worry, it was all over the place, the need for wisdom and reform.

He listened to the radio, usual suspects pushing buttons, they rarely argue peace, strange. Solomon was venting truth, his book of wisdom a modern interpretation. It had been said 2,000 years ago, he was humble enough, wisdom is simply passed on, as it had been in songs and words, actions. The story of old came ringing through, how Jesus was chastised by the local religious and others, for hanging with women, preaching the word in other places, not in the holy temple, where are the sheep, funny sighed Solomon, it was all connected, and it went back two thousand years.

The attitude towards the female of the species was a cause very close to his heart.

Romance was the birth of trust. Women didn’t hide behind the ego, more willing to be themselves, more honest and willing to admit being depressed, dressed or undressed, and more often than not, said what it was they were thinking, even if they jumped to conclusion sometimes, everyone is guilty of that. Still, being yourself in a very politically correct world, not the easiest of activities, apart from children who say it as it is, until they learn the way of the devious mind.

Old scriptures taught much, but the teachings of Jesus put a seal on it. It was the Mount Everest of wisdom.

Because of the misuse of the word, and the passing on of all sorts of resentments, evil thoughts became mandatory, fear was realised, propaganda wide, as old and worn out arguments were given life again and again. If they believed in forgiveness, how easy life would be.

2 thoughts on “Solomon’s Book of Wisdom

  1. forgiveness is a grossly abused sentiment like love, sooner or later those who truly love or forgive become miserly after years of abuse…. so… I have seen that people mostly tell others to love and forgive and when their turn comes they act exactly the other way round 😉

    • i agree, but God connects with those who love, and those who hang on to resentments tend to ignore God, so don’t worry what others do, amen

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