Voyage to Freedom

Road to freedom, she sighed, on board, her children by her side, hungry but hopeful, she smiled as the captain asked her to go below, they knew it was illegal, just trying to escape a living hell, she took the youngest in her arms, their father waiting for them, trying to provide a safe haven, to begin all over again, fleeing tyranny the so called righteous caused. With every voyage there is hope, there is risk, when escaping a living death, you will try anything, same way a junkie chooses the needle, only much worse.

The sea was rising,  boat swelled up,  unused to the water, they became alarmed, moved  like frightened sheep. Then tragedy struck, rest is history. Solomon sighed, their plight the result of corruption, the evil minded caused the wars, created the divisions,  meddlers and their patriotic cries, the Charlie brown syndrome, the war that finished the Afghanistan,  supported by opportunists, those looking after their own interests, a common book of wisdom would have achieved so much, the way a respected poet gets a good ear, the voice that resonates. IMG_5757

How we react Adversity ~by rldubour

dealing with adversity, this is a read


How we react


I thought about philosophy
and here’s my point of view.
I have three items to explain
one is describing you.

Take a pot of boiling water
and toss these items in.
First place raw carrots in the pot
don’t even have to skin.

Now place couple eggs inside
just one more thing to do.
Last take a scoop of coffee beans
and put them in there too.

Let them boil for twenty minutes
then turn the burners off.
Now it’s time to explain all this,
before we all get lost.

We take each item from the pot
put in a separate bowl.
On the table there are now three
a story can be told.

Now tell me what you see in each
and think of what this means.
The water was adversity,
the items life it seems.

In the face of adversity
the eggs turned hard…

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cosmic overhaul

not fare, emotional trauma, gateway to addiction, rehearsed and planned, reload, aim at children,  they will tantrum,  get what you want, mom dad hurry, been going so long, no one notices, God Most High wonders, starts in the morning, continues day and night, who isn’t, work, medication, booze etc, set to addict, control of this, how little they think, of me and you, system needs, the cosmic overhaul, new mindset new hearts, new light,che2 amen.

Here now


The Lavender Letters

Before me a dream
Mirage of beauty fills
The soul with joy
And you stood there
Like a wish fulfilled.
In your arms I touched
The simple softness
The love like silk
The warmth consumes.
Below stars we sat
And the fire burned down
As the minutes fell away
Like the words spoken
Whispers in the night
Lovers entwined.
The skin so sensitive
Ripples of need move
Raising the awareness
Of humanity’s desire
Lost in your eyes
Locked to the smile
Breathing in your scent
And drifting away
Into the here and now.

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Widow’s Tears~by Norman Wilson

remember, say it while your alive


Widow’s Tears

Her tears fall upon her pillow
While she lies, in a state of awake
From her sleepless nights alone
For the wanting of his face

Plans of holidays no longer matter
For all days are just the same
As her love is gone forever
While her eyes pour out the rain

She wanders her darken halls
Where lights do not matter
For each step, that she takes
Her teardrops start to gather

She searches aimlessly
Staring into nothingness from eyes
For everything she touches
She wallows out a tearful sigh

Her heart forever broken
From words that are never said
She spends her nights alone
Crying into her pillow on her bed

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and it is one of my favorites

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Bombing Children

If prayers are answered and the picture does not lie, neither the great escape, neither the Holy Spirit, neither the cloud, neither the great weather, neither the storms turn around, Solomon was sending out an s.o.s., and it was needed, if those responsible were not willing to shake the whip he was, young children were being bombed, stuff they could  not deal with, stuff beyond their status, whatever chance adults, children could not be expected to face the onslaught, if adults hid for reasons, Solomon was pointing the finger, was asking God Most High to act, it was crazy, teenagers getting over dosed,  with porn, younger siblings in the firing range,  wasn’t acceptable, if love is real well prove it, DNA reports confirmed the worst, a situation that had to be reversed, simple as that, if it stuck in the throat so what, had to acted upon, even the experts agree, and time was running out, wisdom would be asked, mother nature too, what was been done, Solomon would face the eternal judge, he wasn’t going to face Him  with a dumb smuck look on his face but one of why, who didn’tCopy of IMG_2498 answer the call, where was the support, why!