The Hungry Heart

The hungry heart needs nourishment, needs filling with servings of love, that diet of anxiety and trauma needs changing, many young hearts are disappointed, the spirit of love needs double helpings, suicide levels among the young traumatic and unreported, Solomon sighed, bad enough being hungry even worse without love, pure victims open to every addiction, that spirit needed more than ever, will put an end to so much hardship, so much trapped love in older souls too, all waiting for their moment to come, most having given up, all in need resuscitation, the power of miracles how it inspired, worked all those years ago was working today, Solomon was pushing it for all that it was worth, if others hid it he was going to show it, faith, he wore it good or bad, in front, didn’t disguise the harsh reality, it needed saying, pour it out he prayed, the Loving spirit, never too late to begin loving. The healing spirit too, it was badly needed, let it be,Copy of IMG_2498 he prayed.


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