Solomon’s prayer

No room at the INN, room in the abyss, hearts calling out, it was the moment, remove the evil ones, IMG_5757IMG_5755IMG_5757Dear Father, turn the planet into Heaven on earth, turn the wicked leaders into babbling fools, remove their means of power and control, love is growing bearing fruit, the new shoots need divine protection, for real love to grow,  the world of hearts are calling out, fill them with divine love, pour out the loving spirit, the efforts of many need loving support, give us a chance to prove our love, amen.

Solomon was calling out, his prayers got a hearing, he was asking for the sake of love, asking in the Name of Jesus, asking in the name of all who served love, all who gave their life for the kingdom’s sake, it was a bold move on his part, he knew it would get the desired result, he was living in paradise and wanted more of it, the smiles on the faces uplifting, the potential for love to surge could not be missed, …he was going to post the images from the sky again, hoped others would follow his example too..the believers would., and pass it on


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