How we react Adversity ~by rldubour

dealing with adversity, this is a read


How we react


I thought about philosophy
and here’s my point of view.
I have three items to explain
one is describing you.

Take a pot of boiling water
and toss these items in.
First place raw carrots in the pot
don’t even have to skin.

Now place couple eggs inside
just one more thing to do.
Last take a scoop of coffee beans
and put them in there too.

Let them boil for twenty minutes
then turn the burners off.
Now it’s time to explain all this,
before we all get lost.

We take each item from the pot
put in a separate bowl.
On the table there are now three
a story can be told.

Now tell me what you see in each
and think of what this means.
The water was adversity,
the items life it seems.

In the face of adversity
the eggs turned hard…

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