Bombing Children

If prayers are answered and the picture does not lie, neither the great escape, neither the Holy Spirit, neither the cloud, neither the great weather, neither the storms turn around, Solomon was sending out an s.o.s., and it was needed, if those responsible were not willing to shake the whip he was, young children were being bombed, stuff they could  not deal with, stuff beyond their status, whatever chance adults, children could not be expected to face the onslaught, if adults hid for reasons, Solomon was pointing the finger, was asking God Most High to act, it was crazy, teenagers getting over dosed,  with porn, younger siblings in the firing range,  wasn’t acceptable, if love is real well prove it, DNA reports confirmed the worst, a situation that had to be reversed, simple as that, if it stuck in the throat so what, had to acted upon, even the experts agree, and time was running out, wisdom would be asked, mother nature too, what was been done, Solomon would face the eternal judge, he wasn’t going to face Him  with a dumb smuck look on his face but one of why, who didn’tCopy of IMG_2498 answer the call, where was the support, why!


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