Solomon Loves

If I ignore the truth of my heart I become an impostor, if I go around pretending what good am I, if I worry about what others think of me, what am I but a prisoner of all their deceptions, if I put my trust in the power of God Most High, then I become wise, amen.IMG_5757IMG_5757IMG_5755

Solomon was aware of the malicious software, the trendy ideas being planted into the minds of the very young, insidious, almost sublime, the methods used, gentle at first, until you revolt, when the pressure becomes more persuasive, regardless, the push was real,

Freud was right in his assertions all those years ago, something he didn’t want to agree with, the beginning was the end if only people understood, as any gardener with plenty of experience could testify to, why children were being targeted only few would comprehend

Now that the light had appeared the odds were in his favour, favour being the word as he was being guided, it made him determined to remain in the support zone, not that he could describe what the zone was, it was a collective of the higher love, the sort that dreams are really made of….

In the beginning the world was created by the divine word, it gave credibility to the words spoken by Jesus, all you have to do is believe in the Father, just a little faith in the divine influence, so with our imaginations we create the world around us, and isn’t that what all love is, what we make of it,



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