Marriage Annonymous

Met him in a late night bar was trying to escape a difficult relationship, thought he’d solve all her problems just as she was giving up, attentive in the beginning gave her everything asked, when she told him she was his it all went up in smoke, now he treats her like he owns her how worse can it get,

he met her at a wedding she looked so teasing and easy,  bought her a drink at reception  took me back to his, romance is made at weddings she said she was getting on, when her dress came off he thought it was the start of a love affair, then he ran into her ex what a happy man he seemed

Time is of the essence if the house is on fire or its’ an emergency, time is not the essence when planning the next fifty years, rush in and be the hero and you might just get lucky, but they say angels tread carefully where others rush in, you need to be prepared for the long distance adventure

So many escaping one fire enter straight into another, the wolves are waiting at the corner they know that needful look, they have been trained by the one with the evil eye, she’s one to be taken advantage of she’s’ all messed up, she’s only a toe rag see the trouble that’s followed her life

Victims therapist governments too prosper in the darkness, it’s why they plan for all sorts of disasters and angst, they have the evidence and the knowledge of the past, they rarely do anything to cure the symptom at the nub of the issue, but make fortunes taking advantage and fixing you up

Solomon have encountered very few happy marriages, it was something that needed action,  Just having the thought is enough to have action on the predicament. So many victims coming out who had hid their fears, how to make that easier unwinding the twisted love inside

Lawyers set you up the practice is easier than working, laughing into their beers buying champagne for all, celebrating the demise of love and doing nothing about it at all, the same attitude as a major arms manufacturers, who cares who uses the service so long as we get paid.

2015/02/img_4731.jpgthe end.

Love is Divine, treat it with care, someday you’ll have to hand it back, so what did you do with the talents son, well……


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