Solomon’s War

The new souls were the holders of the new seeds of love, and they were under serious stress. If they could not reach the higher love their potential was very limited as was the future of the planet. But the news was good, even the demon force understood that it’s future depended on Love, the unthinkable had happened, they had to change or else, the perfect outcome had been reached, it was a case of letting out the wisdom. God Most High listened through the angels, Solomon wanted help, made it very clear. The numbers supported his call, he just needed a finer understanding to it, but could never disclose it fully, wisdom’s purpose, the demonic energy had searched the world, had lost, the light making sure of their fate

As with everything, hurt, love, anger, war, or peace, it started with a word.

Many new world therapeutic practitioners, play down the will of the Father,  had replaced it with new fangled ideals, that looked impressive from the outside. They all stated belief in Jesus and his message, but, Faith as with love, is an action. You can’t stand and watch and take sides, your in or out, it was that simple. everyone would be asked one day, even if your conscience, well what did you do. Joining a group that just supported itself wasn’t love even if it was loving what they did. The unruly neighbor had to be included  too.

23 trillion off shore, money a button someone pressed, press it again, it disappears. Love on the other hand, could not be created other than by acts of love. Jesus tried to explain this years ago, the religious hierarchy rebelled against it, hoped they got rid of him, and even today, still rebelled against His wisdom.

All the churches had demonized women, everywhere, helped sexualise them,  even if they were now making  amends. Solomon was trying to explain it as best he could, honestly. The only solution that appeared to fit, the oneFeatured Image -- 1110227579IMG_5757 imagined many years earlier, it still held, there was nothing near it, it offered protection for all those climbing the Holy Mountain that he called faith.

The cloud should have settled all doubt, had the church elders supported it. Within those circles they had tried to do what those in charge everywhere do, control it. It wasn’t going away, the cloud. Three faces in one space, and more, how they doubted. The saying of Jesus, prophets are never accepted in their own homes, held true, usually put on medication instead or murdered, how he’d overcame all the troubles, only divine help made it possible.

The demon was in the headlights of God Most High, and going nowhere but down. but love still needed all that nurture could provide. Heaven on earth, was close at hand, perhaps only a dream away. The night the Holy Spirit came to him, swirled all around, he knew that night, God Most High was with him, why worry, just stay the course, and it worked out, almost, he sighed a smile, women, always on his mind. Jesus held women in his company and tired of the non belief of his followers, Solomon felt exactly the same, amen. two souls become one, she loved him, he loved her, the third party is created, amen, bingo!, it’s been done, just the details need working. Inside he had an awesome good feeling, eternity was his, he’d made the grade.

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