Plan B seeking Wisdom

I know, what’s it now. The world is devoid of new ideas, film remakes nothing original,  Songs are catchy, mostly regurgitated tunes, lets be honest, sounds groovy, hardly anything original in years, computers work, technicians add tracks, bit like Viagra, we guarantee an erection, don’t promise it will last. Botox dreams ending in nightmares, half the population on the prescription highway, oceans rising world heating up, economic and personal chaos most places, those not affected taking advantage, Happened in New Orleans first,  all over the world since,  happening in Africa for centuries, didn’t matter in those days as there was no internet. most web usage is pleasure and porn,  facts nothing adorned.  Another Disney starlet from the past, now a show off, panties off pants the photographer, pictures sell for cash, Ladder to celebrity heaven, sticky and full of thrash, idols milk the cash from teen pockets, most parents have had enough. Children are having children, Focus on money and little else, the bankers made you think this way, push those buttons night and day, time dear Lord to let them know, that your not going to have it this way. Asleep perhaps too many California beers, isn’t it time you did the inevitable, and stopped this descent into tears, look what happened to the casting couch, been this way for years. Silence everywhere lights go out, what will happen to those drugs of ours, the legal ones we produce and take every night, no electric no supply it’ll really be chaos all right. Never happens, never, said the same in BabylonIMG_5757, plan B. wisdom seeking.


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