Judas Bait……. could be you

The angels were gathering, having been summoned, harvest time has arrived. The meeting place, a mountain retreat in the west of Ireland. It wasn’t the first summit, there were many in the past eight hundred years, in various global locations, Ireland the latest.

Weather being the topic at the previous meeting, the new topic was more serious, the status of love, to create and promote love. Every country on the planet was represented by an angel, some of them professionals, few of them politicians, not all of them nationals of the territory they represented. Henry Higgins for example, country and western star from Nashville, used his status to infiltrate the music industry, and had been doing that for over thirty years, mentored others in that industry, was something of a grandfather to the industry, been inducted into the hall of fame, had many such honours bestowed upon him, he used his visit to Ireland on tour as cover. He was the angel representing the music industry.

Andy Jones, internet guru, Australian. Had arrived in Ireland the previous month, used the cover of an Internet Conference as his reason for being in Ireland. Told colleagues back home, that having come ten thousand miles, he’d do a bit of sight seeing after the conference was over, visit certain companies in Galway, internet hub city, lots of new set ups there. He had dual representation, standing in as they call it, for the territory of Australia, while also representing the tech industry. He’d assumed the role of Australian representative, on account of the prior holder of that position, doing a u turn. Other examples of angel representatives and territories included the sexualisation industry.

Mary Denis, prostitute, high class, English, arranged for her agency to find her a client in Dublin, so called client wanted to keep her a month. Forty years old, she used her position to go undercover in the world of the highly privileged. She was a personal favorite of the chief. The chief liked hard evidence of the real person behind many of the masks worn by those called to lead by their nations, and their perversions. Everyone with a grave perversion was Judas bait, and a risk to all.


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