Being Unwell

If one is sick or unwell,  we don’t imprison them, usually we help them, it’s that simple, those unwell locked up, be it prison mental institution, even trapped within, even stuck in the past also, the point is simply this, we have a habit of punishing, especially those with problems of the mind, who having seen what happened others, tend to go underground with their condition, worsening the situation and creating havoc for all, and while this is going on, those that allow corruption to continue, for whatever excuse they have, in order to soften public ire at the reality going on, in an attempt to cover up their wrong doing, create all sorts of penal laws, that do nothing but cause harm, all because the resources needed to establish the facilities to assist the unwell, were funneledIMG_5757 into the pockets of their friends, God Most High is most aware of all going on, might as well say it, the picture from the sky that accompanies this blog, 100% true, amen, leave your anger with God Most High, he’ll settle all accounts in the end…

More Than You Think

Why do we set out to do things, what sets us on fire from inside, why has there been one way traffic, why was love targeted from so many angles, why did so many accept such a situation, what drove them to believe there was nothing they could do, why did so many settle on no afterlife, why did so many put their efforts into one life, what caused this position in the hearts of many, why did so many pure realists, who decided there was no heaven or hell, who fooled so many for so long, how did they get away with this for so long, why did religious practitioners become extremists,  why, there are so many why’s, why this confusion this attack on  people, what energy drove this all out war against God’s people, what caused us to loose confidence in God Most High, what changed human nature so much, what set of people, who were they, why were so many regulations drawn up to coral people, that were so divisive, why did we listen to such mouth pieces, who said all the right stuff, became idols themselves, used their situation to enrich themselves, then lived exclusively with those they publicly condemned, the bull shit that has gone on for long, the death of love in it’s most powerful form, it is all related to the battle between the dark and light, God’s Love being the light, and we, the receivers of his divine gift, the lambs to the slaughter, betrayed by the Judas’s among us, who convinced us to accept madness. Love was sold abused bastardised sodomised,  Well, the situation was studied and researched, and answers were sought, and pleadings were sent in requesting help,  of the One God, that sets the sun in place and everything else, If you know the power of God Most High, it’s not something you ignore, where are the so called believers, and those that allegedly support the work, in hiding I suppose, amen. Solomon was letting wisdom understand the reality of what was going on, knowing that God Most High would be made aware of the situation.che2


Maybe it’s an old fashioned thought, there used to be something called chivalry, when the strong stood up for the oppressed, when hope was real and men behaved with heart, the qualities presented are not alien used to be common, wasn’t long ago when these qualities existed, how they were almost eradicated reveals very much, it’s reflected in ancient scripture by certain prophesies, and the way it was reflected was simply this, as the world got older the children got weaker, put another way, as a mother gets older the children she bares are not as robust, and it’s indicative of a world getting closer to the end, I’m not doomy gloomy or anything near it, I love to party and I enjoy it when I can, but the picture that accompanies this blog is 100% real, and it’s just a small example of many divine interventions, I am just passing on what I know to be true, God Most High is very real and works through the love in you, amen.IMG_5757

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SAINT PAT’S DAY ( 2015 )

St.Patricks Day is coming, cheer up!

Claire V. Bogdanos

There are loud footsteps in the street

The frantic sound of running feet

Where are they going ever fast

What am I missing as they pass ?

There is some music I can hear

Midst growing din, hurrah and cheer

I’m sure I hear the bagpipes play

Can it be so it’s Saint Pat’s Day ?

Oh what a joy that fact will bring

A few days more until the spring !

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True Stories

Every good story, every thoughtful song, different forms of wisdom, Solomon was in the zone, and the Holy Spirit was with him, of that he had no doubt. While much had been done to undermine him, he had been warned. There were those actively trying to unhinge him, and they’d tried hard, but with the Great Spirit riding with him, he just had to remain calm. He’d a prayer he wanted to write, an appeal to the Most High. It was too important to ignore, the reality of divine assistance. The change was happening, and it was peaceful to date. Others prayed to achieve revenge of all types, or justification for certain behaviours. He didn’t think that way. Love is was and will always be the way, and overcoming the evil one, his number one goal. Removing the support network was his first plan. Now he wanted God Most High to shield all those who worked for love and true justice, wherever, to be protected from the evil menace. Many believers lived in homes, where the situation wasn’t sustainable for their faith to remain strong, they needed help. I’ll ask for the Holy Spirit to intervene he sighed, it had worked before, would work again. He had the promise of Jesus, the words spoken all those years ago. They still held the greatest of truths. A mustard seed of faith was all that was

The Great Discovery

A stranger in a room full of acquaintances, the inner workings of the mind elsewhere, you’re an undercover angel and can’t explain it, your heart is far off and your wasting it, you’re a child with a secret and your blameless, your with your life partner but abused by it, it’s not what it appears till your out in the cold, the relief of the cool air cleans you up, you can’t wait to get home and your pills that support it, your dancing for the men whose hands mark you, you can still smell them and can’t wait to lose it, you escaped the hell but ended up in a worse state, you begin to loose faith in all forms of human life, and it’s not your imagination despite what they insist, conform accept get used to it it’s life honey, then you encounter the real light and realise you were right all along, and suddenly their darkness has no power over you whatsoever, you found God was with you all the time, same as the day you discover French wine is the best, the day you discover what love is all about.IMG_5757