Yes, Ted Cruz, Rock Music Did Respond to 9/11

Ted Cruz sounds extreme to me

102.5 KEZK

By Brian Ives

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz went onCBS This Morningyesterdaytodiscusshis already-in-progress campaign. Toward the end of the interview, Gayle King asked him about his taste in TV shows (he enjoysHouse Of Cards) and music. It was the subject of music that gave the interview one of its more interesting moments.

The Texan said he used to listen to classic rock, until 9/11. “I didn?t like how rock music responded,” he said. “And country music, collectively, the way they responded, it resonated with me. I had an emotional reaction that says, ?These are my people.?”

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Country music’s response to that tragic event came in the form ofAlan Jackson‘s classic?Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning.)?The song resonated with nearly everyone, including people in markets where Jackson…

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