Voter ID laws are screwing the planet, too

someday common sense will be applied to the law, it would save on lawyers fees!


The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a case this week that questions the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s voter ID law, passed in 2011. The case, filed on behalf of a group of civil rights organizations and state residents, claims that the law discriminates against those who don’t hold a certain kind of photo ID. Dozens of residents have testified that they can’t get this kind of ID because they don’t have a birth certificate or other legal documents. Experts estimate that roughly 300,000 state residents, mostly black and Latino, would be burdened by the law, which is a violation of the constitution.

“Today’s announcement from the Supreme Court is disheartening to all who believe in the values of a just democracy,” said Rev. Michelle Yvette Townsend de López, lead pastor of Milwaukee’s Cross Lutheran Church in a statement.  “After earlier generations fought for voting rights, the Supreme Court’s failure to intervene to hear and possibly…

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