Ted Cruz wants to Captain the Titanic and is looking for a first mate….

TV bang shock images in my head, allure tease entice that’s new, haven’t seen her before, eyes cross the screen chasing, anything to fill up the head, horror a power cut, just as it was getting good, programmed effect suddenly cut short, brain can’t engage, someone put the damn breaks on, fast, does anyone understand, fix the situation, Barbie is empowering, so is mud wrestling, these thrilling slogans, paid sin artists, children grow up too freely, unable to cope mentally, the evidence is everywhere, doesn’t matter how big you are, everyone agrees it’s madness, when God assumes we won’t do anything about it, I imagine he’ll do it instead, amen. Sleep walking into destruction, a new presidential race, where’s the third opinion, only take a few dollars, Ted Cruz enters the race, who wants to pilot the titanic, I do, me me me, amen

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