the new computer honey isn’t working!

The English Professor at Large

With all the great strides of technology, or so they tell us, one would think or expect that computers would be obedient, or, at least,  pliable.  Oh, No!  Continuously, mine drags its feet, circling endlessly before settling down to arrive at the place to which I sent it.It stalls, it fluctuates, it wanders around like a lost soul. My pop server, Yahoo, that is about as dependable as a train timetable, sends frequent notices that it is down and I cannot, therefore, either send or receive mail.  So, being a congenital idiot when it comes to machinery or technology, I call on a service, for which I have to pay, to doctor my computer.  It takes them a few hours. They tell me it is running so slowly because (1) someone may have been trying to get into it and (2) At&T needs to be notified that it is running…

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