Healing A Broken Heart

The corruption of love on earth, the damage it can cause within, the amount of addictions it causes, the number of wasted opportunities on account of it, and there is a cure for it no matter how bad you suffer on account of it, it’s not a prescription you can buy, it’s not the name of a great therapist either, it rests within the wisdom spoken by Jesus over 2,000 years ago, and  if you accept his wisdom and guidance, you will be cured and that’s a 100% guarantee. It’s little wonder so much effort was put into the destruction of faith across the globe, the onslaught was permanent and non ceasing, and as love failed the industry around failed love just grew and grew, and the wars that resulted only caused a select few to thrive while billions suffered, and the formation of all sorts of prejudices, hatreds, while the few select and their henchmen thrived. It goes without saying, those that caused this atrocity are heading to one place. God Most High is fully aware of the goings on, and poured wisdom into the world in the hope people would realise it, and his son Jesus, came to earth, to put us right on these matters. The ability to forgive demands practicing it not thinking about it, it was why turning the other cheek was frowned upon by many when he said it all those years ago.

When you can’t forgive you create ACCESS FOR ALL SORTS OF EVIL TO GROW, and while most people externalise this by their attitudes and actions, those that love swallow themselves in all sorts of addictions and worse, even the demise of their hearts.  Faith in Jesus demands faith in His Father, God Most High. It’s the reason why the evil menace was glad to see love fail, it created opportunity, and society and governments used this tragedy to build industry and job opportunities, Amen.IMG_5757

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